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God TV

God TV started out in 1997 as "The Christian Channel Europe." In 1997 it was renamed "God Channel," and in 2002 this international television network took on its current name.

God TV, which broadcasts from Jerusalem, presents itself as a Christian TV network.
However the station comes across like copy-cat version of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is notorious for broadcasting countless preachers and teachers whose teachings and practices range from aberrant to heretical.

These teachers include such problematic preachers as Todd Bentley, Mike Bickle, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Rick Joyner, Joseph Prince, and many others.

The line-up reads like a Who's Who of Word-Faith and Prosperity Gospel preachers, mixed with some folks who consider themselves 'prophets' or 'apostles,'1 and others who manufacture who they call 'revivals.'

The station was founded by Rory and Wendy Alec.

Rory, who currently is the network's Chief Executive Officer, and Wendy, God TV's Creative Executive Officer, were recognized by Charisma magazine in 2005 as being among "30 Emerging Voices who will impact the future of the American Church."

We think that's a shame, because many Christians who watch teachers on stations like God TV do not have much -- if any -- discernment, and are thus unable to tell apart truth from error.



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