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Links to Some of My Posts Not on Apologetics Index

By David Kowalski

For about ten months I have been using Google+ as a kind of sand box. I post items there and let them sit for a while as a tinker with them and ultimately post them either on my personal page on Apologetics Index or to the home page of this website. Many of the posts are still not on Apologetics Index for various reasons. They may still be in the sandbox stage, consist mostly of  a link to an articles by someone else, or contain such a high percentage of quotations from others that Google would see it as a double posting. For now I will just leave the links here and perhaps later add descriptions.


"Biblical Unity"


"Do We Really Have Emotional and Sexual Needs?"


"John Wesley on the Hardening Effect of False Spirituality"


"The Significance of Shaking the Dust off of Our Feet"


"Church Death Through Theological Suicide"


“Wayne Grudem on the Unity of Faith and Repentance”


"Richard Baxter on Heaven"


“An Example of the Holy Spirit in Witnessing”


"True, Christian Masculinity vs. Pseudo-Christian Machismo"


"The Infamous 'Incident Two'”


“Smilingly Leading You to Hell” by Tim Challies


“A Pseudo-Spiritual Challenge to the Objective Written Word”


“Some Tips on Witnessing to Mormons”


"The Occultic, Neo-Gnostic Ideas of Carl Jung and Their Influence in the Church"


“Typical, Worldly Mockery”


"The Church Must First Repent" - J. Edwin Orr


“Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Revival”


“A Resolution by Jonathan Edwards”


“Can Christians Go to War?” – Jim Hernando


“Drawing Near Draws us to Our Knees”


“Guru Turned Christian” (Rabi Maharaj)


"Leadership is not Dictatorship"


“Is Knowledge Bad?”


“Useful Websites”


“Beware of Affinity Fraud in the Church”


“Remebering the Jesus Movement”


“Playing Revival”


“Did Jesus Teaching Contradict an Eye for an Eye?”


“You May Bend the Sapling But not the Tree” – Charles Spurgeon


"Reflections on the Maha Kumbh Festival"


"Bill Griffin’s Insightful Critique of the Daniel Fast"


“Power and Wisdom”


“A Cultural Mandate?”


“J. I. Packer on Sanctification”


“Earle Cairns on Conviction of Sin in Revival”


“Discipleship -- Influence by Example”


“Day and Night Before the Sun and Stars”


“Thomas Goodwin’s Dream”


"Sampling DeYoung and Kluck's Book on the Emerging Church Movement"


"D. A. Carson on Polemical Theology"


"The Cautionary Tale of David Petraeus"


"The Question of Q"


“Syncretistic Legalism and ‘the Evil of Shaving’"


“Guidelines For Polemics”


“Minimizing Church Staff Misconduct”


“John Fletcher on Antinomianism”


“Good, Free Resource on Postmodernism”


“Whatever Happened to Poetry”


My book on postmodernism Absolutes or Not is still available at no charge in pdf format on the Global University Website:



Written by David Kowalski

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This post was last updated: Jul. 17, 2013