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Sacred Name Movements

  1. What is the Sacred Name Movement?
    The Sacred Name Movement comprises those churches, assemblies, worship groups, study groups, and individuals who believe they have found, are using, and must use, the original Hebrew pronunciations for the names of God.
  2. Is the movement a unified organization?
    No. It is made up of various groups with no central authority and no cohesive belief system.
  3. Other than the sacred name, what are some of the beliefs of sacred name groups?
    Certainly there are exceptions, but in general it may be said that the movement attempts to keep the Old Covenant. Sacred name teachers mention 613 laws of that covenant.

    • Most are sabbatarian, betraying their Church of God, Seventh Day roots. But, a few worship on Sunday.
    • Only a very few have a Trinitarian theology. Most believe a variation of the Arian theology. A small number are Modalistic (Oneness) in their view of God.
    • Nearly all assemblies observe at least one (most, more than one) of the Old Testament feast days. There are long and serious discussions among them about the correct dates for the feasts. These differences usually center around the dates and sightings of the new moon. Divisions within and splits of groups are caused by these differences.
    • Most sacred name assemblies celebrate the Passover in one form or another.
    • A few groups practice animal sacrifice by offering the passover lamb each year.

- Source: Answers to Questions about the Sacred Name Movement


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