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Falun Gong

16 years after China banned Falun Gong (July 22, 1999), branding it as a 'harmful cult that is engaged in anti-government activities,' the movement is still active in China and around the world.

Xinhua, China's official news agency, recently reported that in May 2013 police arrested 16 followers, saying that "allegedly staged pictures depicting scenes of torture."1

The report is a tacit acknowledgement that the movement survives in China despite years of violent suppression.

As stated at Wikipedia, in China "hundreds of thousands [of Falun Gong followwers] are believed to have been imprisoned extrajudicially, and practitioners in detention are subject to forced labor, psychiatric abuse, torture, and other coercive methods of thought reform at the hands of Chinese authorities."

Falun Gong followers have long documented the various ways in which followers have been tortured, sometimes illustrating the accounts with re-enacted scenes (clearly labeled as such).

Falun Gong at a Glance

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Anton Hein

This page is written and maintained by Anton Hein, founder and team member of Apologetics Index.

He lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with his wife, Janet. They are involved in helping people leave cults, abusive churches or abusive relationships.

Anton's interests vary from Christian apologetics to street photography. He's a coffee connoisseur who grinds his favorite coffees with an antique, cast-iron #3 Spong for use in either a stove-top Bialetti, a french press, or the Aeropress.

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  9. Normally religions have a core set of essential doctrines that must be believed and/or practices for someone to be considered an adherent of that religion. Cults deviate from such religions by militating against one of more of those essential doctrines/practices
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