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Emerging Church – Glossary of Emergent Terms For Those New to the Conversation

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  1. Postmodernism and the Emerging Church Movement
  2. Emerging Church - Distinctive Teachings and Goals
  3. Emerging Church - Methods
  4. Emerging Church - Standard Communication Strategies
  5. Emerging Church - The Church’s Proper Role in Postmodern Culture – Light of the World
  6. Emerging Church - Some Leading Figures in the Emerging Church movement
  7. Emerging Church - Some Leading Voices Opposing the Emerging Church movement
  8. Emerging Church - Glossary of Emergent Terms For Those New to the Conversation
  9. Emerging Church - Conversation versus the Bible And Non-“Emerging” Christians: Truth
  10. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Scripture
  11. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Faith
  12. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Doctrine
  13. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Lifestyle
  14. Emerging Church - Conversation... : Ministry
  15. Emerging Church - Web Sites
  16. Emerging Church - Recommended Books
  17. Emerging Church - Footnotes

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Warning: I'm not listening Although this is an obvious attempt at satire, the definitions provided do reflect the views [in caricature] of most of those who identify with this movement.

It is important to remember that the Emerging Church movement contains people of diverse beliefs, so no generalization about it applies to every member. Those readers who feel that satire is an inappropriate genre for theological discussion may skip this section even though you will miss some pretty clever stuff.

I hope emergents will receive this in the spirit in which it was intended since, in spite of my disagreement with emergents, I sincerely like them and have enjoyed being part of an online emergent community. -- David Kowalski

Joining in the emerging church conversation can be confusing at first. The following glossary will help the novice begin to understand postmodern Christian jargon.

Written by David Kowalski

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2 Responses to “Emerging Church – Glossary of Emergent Terms For Those New to the Conversation”

  1. [...] Here is a post over at Apologetics Index with a tongue-in-cheek handy little “Emergent-to-English” glossary. [...]

  2. [...] a handy dictionary of terminolgy, that you can use, before talking with an Emerging person (link here).  It’s meant to be humorous, but it’s not too far off the mark.  Enjoy.     [...]

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This post was last updated: Dec. 13, 2014