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  1. Postmodernism and the Emerging Church Movement
  2. Emerging Church - Distinctive Teachings and Goals
  3. Emerging Church - Methods
  4. Emerging Church - Standard Communication Strategies
  5. Emerging Church - The Church’s Proper Role in Postmodern Culture – Light of the World
  6. Emerging Church - Some Leading Figures in the Emerging Church movement
  7. Emerging Church - Some Leading Voices Opposing the Emerging Church movement
  8. Emerging Church - Glossary of Emergent Terms For Those New to the Conversation
  9. Emerging Church - Conversation versus the Bible And Non-“Emerging” Christians: Truth
  10. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Scripture
  11. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Faith
  12. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Doctrine
  13. Emerging Church - Conversation versus... : Lifestyle
  14. Emerging Church - Conversation... : Ministry
  15. Emerging Church - Web Sites
  16. Emerging Church - Recommended Books
  17. Emerging Church - Footnotes

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  • Communicate the postmodern message in print
    Emerging Church movement leaders are prolific writers. Their books are popular and they are well represented in Christian magazines and journals.
  • Communicate the message over the internet
    Emerging Church websites and blogs abound on the internet.
  • Communicate the message in institutes of higher learning
    Emerging Church leaders can be found on staff at many colleges and seminaries. They are also frequent guest speakers at these institutions.
  • Conduct seminars around the world
    The movement gives high priority to seminars and participants in the movement are expected to attend these.
  • Form local communities of postmodern believers through “cohorts”
    Cohorts are small groups that form over the internet and meet to discuss postmodern ideas. Emergentvillage.com recommends that these cohorts study McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy together.
  • Influence the leadership and membership of established churches
    Through their published writings, seminars, and websites the movement’s ideas are influencing and affecting established churches of every kind.
  • Establish churches that are dedicated to the ideas and values of the movement
    While this has not yet been as successful as they had hoped, a handful of Emerging Church congregations have been established.
  • Engage in social activism
    While Emerging Church leaders sometimes claim the Church should not be linked to any political agenda, most of them are quite tied to a liberal political agenda. (For an idea of the kind of activism emergents are inclined toward, visit the Sojourners website at http://www.sojo.net/ — McLaren is on the board of this organization.)
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