Lying leaders: Conclusion

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For those who have seen a picture of themselves painted in this article and who feel trapped in a prison of hypocrisy and deceit, know that there is a way of escape. If you long to be restored to integrity there is a door that leads to the way back. It is painful to open it. You must be willing to confess hidden things to the proper people and possibly step down for now from the position you hold. But after the pain you will find righteousness, sincerity, wholeness, and self-respect. Whatever your history, you can end well. May God help you to make this decision now.

For those who know someone who resembles the portrait just painted, you must decide if you care enough about this person to make the painful choice to confront or discipline them. He or she needs your help. If you do nothing, this lying leader will eventually have to give an account to God and you will answer for being a facilitator. Out of love for God, the church, and the lying leaders themselves, let us uphold a high standard of honesty among church leaders.




  1. Missionary Morris Williams once bemoaned the trivializing of lying in the church, saying, “We talk jokingly of ‘evangelisticaly speaking.’ It’s no joke. Lying is never a joke.” [back]
  2. I believe this is one of the reasons we are commanded in James 5:16 to confess our sins to one another. [back]


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