Moorish Science Temple of America – Its view of Islam

The Moorish Science Temple of America has a unique perspective on Islam.

A posting on the movement’s web site is introduced as follows: “Islam A Moorish Perspective is about bringing a more truthful depliciton of Islam without the Arabanzation cultural trapings and a the have premedated” [sic]

The statement reads:

Islam and Greeting.

First we rise giving all praises to Allah, Honoring the last Prophet in these days, who is and was Our True Lord and Savior Jesus in the Noble person of Drew Ali.

Allow us to give to you in brief a general outline of what Islam really is and what it really is not:

1-Allah is not and we repeat Allah is not an Arab and therefore he doesn’t favor an Arab over anybody else of people.

2-Therefore Mohammed wasn’t the Last Prophet of Allah, nor is he the seal of the Prophets, and yet on the other hand Mohammed is the seal of Islamism, therefore all other Prophet will have to bring a furtherance of the theological degree and philosophy of Islam to their people; see {Sura 14:4} and since even the most eminent Arabian Islamic Scholar will openly bear witness that they are also awaiting the return of Jesus whom the Christian call the Christ!

3- Arabic is not the Language of Allah, but the people whom he sent down a message in the language in which they could received clear understanding thereof { see Sura 44:58 } and therefore Allah give his gift of the understanding to who has Allah’s favor.

4- The so-called Negro has got to stop getting his religion second handy.

5- The so-called Negro has got to stop operating on the premises that Allah doesn’t know him and doesn’t regard him as a part of the Human Race. And that we have to go through out whom they were not only former slaveholder but architect of the actual degrees of making our people their source of income.

6- that there is a primary need for the so- called Negro to develop along the lines of historical fact rather than fiction and to stop seeking to adopt the Euro-Christian-Masonic- Knight body of politic, and to always keep in the forefront of their minds who they are and who are their open enemies be they members of their own race or another people. And that they now have to be men and recognized the times and era in which they now live and the one that they are sending their children into.

7-This is why the Great Father-God Allah Divinely Ordained Noble Drew Ali as his Prophet in this era of time now. And this is why we stress Nationhood as supported by the Noble Quran of Mecca {see Sura 49:13}.

8- the Arab Muslim who later begun to immigrate to the West, as they came disguised as being White People and weren’t really accepted and so they form Ummah’s here to address these issues. And later on they would become more Christian adopting Euro-Christian Holidays etc. And liken to their Jewish Brothers and Sister makes our Community their bed and butter, we became the cow which they now milk openly etc.

9-We are the direct descendants of the Ancient Moabites who once inhabited the place now known as Saudi Arab and we are the true founder of the Holy City of Mecca . As such we willfully chose to remain out side the mainstream of Al-Islam which has never offered up any real degrees of either an Earthly or Divine Salvation for our people and this is why we are literally on the bottom of every country over in Africa to-day that is a so-called Islamic State etc.

10-We as the sole group of Moorish American Moslems in this State of Georgia aren’t taking up the Arabization of the Faith of Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah some 1400 odd years ago. To which is now commonly being referred to as Al-Islam or Orthodox Islam. As we are not Sunni, Shiite but fundamentalist Sufic’s Moslems.

11- Our is a Faithfulness of a Divinely inspire3d Religious Creed of to-day standard and not some ancient practices whereas every body is trying to live we like one who they really have been stripped of far more truthful knowledge of!

12- Our is s Moorish Asabiya Ummah [Moorish community of the true and Faithful followers of Our Savior Prophet Ali.

13- As what the so-called Negro, Black, Colored and Afro-African-American, have blindly accepted what the Arabian have declared to be Islamic this and that and yet the Noble Quran of Mecca clearly says that the ARABS are the least to know and understand what Allah has sent down and are of the greatest in hypocrisy etc . {See Sura 8:97}.

14- We as Moorish American Moslems are the sole inheritors of a far more truthful translation of the faith of Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah some 1400 odd years ago to- day, s we have been blessed to received from Allah not only a Prophet filled with Revelation but also revilement of said former past sets of revelations etc.

15- Allah also gave to our Savior Prophet Ali a Spiritual insight into the actual theological jurisprudence of the Faith known as Islamism as well as he also brought to us his philosophy adding it along side that of all the former Prophets of Allah he being born here in the West , which literally give to us a Supreme advantages about the original Divine doctrine of Islamism.

16-Now as all nations of people are drawn around certain degrees of division, as al men don’t see things alike and so our Savior Prophet Ali gave to us Divine instruction on how to carry on and to make our Shari’ah with [ see Chapter 31 Justice of our Moorish Holy Koran of the M.S.T.of A.

17- Now the so-called Negro really needs to know the historical fact about his own place in world history as well as he must never forget how other have been treating him and is now about to treat his children in the near future.

18-Therefore we were found a broken and well divided people who had no culture of their own and who Allah did rose from amongst them a Savior who would re-new all things, one who would call forth dead bones to arise again in this era of time as a whole people cured of all former ills.

19-As we Moorish American Moslems recognized the simple fact that originally Islam come to a people already civilized , possessing their own culture , possessing their own names, family traditions, Moral value, rites custom as well as dress etc, but the so-called Negro. Black, Colored and Afro- African-American who now laid claim to Islam, his Islam is not of him it is of another people a people who formerly held our people in the evil institution of slavery simply based upon the tone of our Skin.

20- and believe it or not they spend almost as much of their time trying to explain away this act of a Muslim inhumanity to man, and trying to justify what the Arab started over in Africa, under the term of being Al-Islam.

21-Therefore we in this particular Moorish Asabiya Umma, stand firm in our Nationhood and recall the day that Our Savior Prophet Ali did wrap a young sister up in our Moorish Flag which is a red Flag with a Five pointed GREEN STAR IN IT’S CENTER AND WRAPPING A YOUNG BOY UP IN THE American Flag and then turning a and kissing them and blessing us to be a Nation within a Nation.

22- As we as Moorish recognized that Nationhood is not a pregiven, and so we are of the divine mind set to be what our Ancient forefathers and mother once were and we are still to-day.

23- Now by us placing such an emphasis on Nationhood, and it’s building here in the West will cause all those Uncle Tom Believers in a foreign way and doctrine which has never did them any good even to this very day. Therefore we are dealing with both the Divine and earthly historical facts and not fiction, and as we shall not simply become domestic servant of a foreign people by adopting their way in order to be recognized as a civilized people and most of all we are a nation of our own.

24- the Holy Quran of Mecca is not liken to any other Holy Scripture it was sent down that men make live amongst one and other in peace that the loin and lamb may lay down and neither shall be harmed with morning come .

25, The Holy Quran is a book of divinely inspired social issues, laws and responsibilities etc placed on man by Allah!

26-The Hadith are but the saying of Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah, Sunna is the actions works and deed of Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah some 1400 odd years ago. And the Holy Quran is but revelation of how they should act amongst each other. But then something very important is missing and that is the Prophecy of Mohammed who was a Prophet of Allah some 1400 odd years ago

– Source: Islam in America, a Moorish Perspective. Last accessed, June 27, 2006

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