Moorish Science Temple of America – Beliefs and Teachings

Keep in mind: as noted, after the death of founder Noble Drew Ali in 1929, his followers split into numerous sects. Beliefs and practices vary somewhat between the different sects.

The Mother is Calling web site – described as the “#1 Moorish Islamic Web Site in the WORLD!!!!” – includes a paper that briefly explains the movement’s beliefs.

The paper is titled, “Introduction to the Moorish Science Temple of America and to the Divine Teachings of Prophet Drew Ali.”

What is Islamism?

It is an evolving religious civilization of humanity as well as a way of moral and spiritual life and we Moors are simply a portion of the human family that has willfully chosen to return to that original state of being.

What is Moorish “Sciencing”?

Is but a deeper sensing of human worth and our perfect relationship with our Father God Allah, thus ours is a more strong spiritual tie to the divine will of Allah.

What is the Moorish Science Temple of America?

The Moorish Science Temple of America was and is established to teach those things, which will uplift fallen humanity. By teaching those things that are necessary to make better citizen out of men and women it was established on July 20th 1928 in Chicago Illinois by Prophet Drew Ali.

ISLAMISM > The Oldest Religious Creed in the WORLD!

Islamism actually has no real date, as the Great God Allah created Islam on this earth land even before the very first man was formed in flesh. As Islam literally means peace, and that is how this world was created along with all other things; in total peace. Thus the very first man manifested in a place known as paradise (Peace on Earth). Islamism is a way of life, a peace to exit within. However, Allah established his first place upon this earth, and then he placed “Man” in a place of peace. Since that time, all men have been seeking that place again; he also named places after the word peace and would even greet other men of faith in Peace. Now unlike others who practice a foreign Islamic Creed here in America such as Al-Islam, to which was the last name given to a man’s original religious creed. Now as Islam is and was the very first religious creed adopted by man in the early age of his status. Now after many centuries of variations of actions and customs it is better now that man return to his original religious creed of Islamism.


Asiatic’s knowing who they really are and their place in history is quite inspiring. As for all those semi conscious Asiatics who desire to know their place in this world would free them from under a European psychology and re-establish their state of mind.

As they will learn that they are not Negro, Black people, Colored Folks, Ethiopians or Afro-Americans; as they would recognize that these were names (marks, nicknames) placed on the slaves by slaveholders during the time of Slavery.


Allah is God and Noble Drew Ali is his last Prophet in these days, and that Allah is not a jealous God, for there is no one or no thing, which he will be concerned with for that, is a human trait. Allah is Lord of the two East and the two West, for his noblest image in that of Noble Drew Ali and all must make this declaration of faith and begin to practice the five divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.


We are the Original Man and our ancient patriarch who was Lot did make a covenant with Allah on the Mountain of Zoar. As in 1913, Allah did again make a covenant with the last Prophet in theses days who was and is Noble Drew Ali. All Moors are to imitate Allah’s holy and divine Prophet Drew Ali.


Islamism is the centered, this means that all Moors make their way morally and spiritually correct and they are socially civilized in all their ways. We are to be about teaching those things, which are necessary to make better citizens out of men and women. We are to look after the weak of mind and faint of heart, the homeless and the fatherless, motherless, poor, we are also to serve the foe at the gate who seek to do us harm; and most of all glorify Allah.
– Source: Introduction to the Moorish Science Temple of America and to the Divine Teachings of Prophet Drew Ali, posted at Mother is Calling. Last accessed, June 27, 2006

It should be noted that Islamism normally is considered to be a totalitarian ideology adhered to by Muslim extremists.

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