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  • Beyond Cult Controversy: The Mate Peddlers of the Twelve Tribesoffsite The Reader, March 10, 2012
  • The Doomsday Prophets on Main Streetoffsite by Christopher Dreher, Boston Globe, Oct. 23, 2005

    Massachusetts has long been fertile ground for religious sects like Twelve Tribes. The group has already settled in Plymouth, Dorchester, Hyannis, and Athol. Newton, Wellesley, and Harvard Square may be next for a group that requires members to give up their possessions, follow the Bible word-for-word, and prepare for the end of the world. They may be coming to your street next – and might just be the friendliest neighbors you’ve ever had.


  • Ithacans Opposed to the Twelve Tribes Cultoffsite [Contra] “Promoting a boycott of the Maté Factor restaurant on the Ithaca Commons and raising awareness about the beliefs and practices of the Twelve Tribes religious cult”
  • Yoneq and The Twelve Tribesoffsite [Contra] “Dedicated to educate anyone who will listen to what is really behind the curtains of the Twelve Tribes.”


Encyclopedia / Profiles

  • Twelve Tribes Communitiesoffsite Wikipedia. As always, do not use Wikipedia as a primary resources. The entries can be (and are) edited by anyone, friend or foe.

News and News Archive


  • Question 12 Tribes: Working Together To Prevent Child Abuse [Contra] Extensive collection of information and documentation
  • Twelve Tribesoffsite [Official website]
  • Twelve Tribesoffsite [Contra] Research into the Twelve Tribes’ teachings and practices. A study by the New England Institute of Religious Researchoffsite Includes Yoneq’s angry responseoffsite. In a guest commentary for the Ithica Community News, John Sullivan explains:

    Our objections to Spriggs and the Twelve Tribes are two-fold and have nothing to do with their beliefs about who they are, about God, and about an approaching apocalypse.

    Firstly, we object to their promotion of racist doctrines that have a long history of hurting people, doctrines that are in fact at the root of the greatest modern crimes against humanity.

    Secondly, we object to their exploitation of young adults and, most disturbingly, to their advocacy of child mistreatment.

  • Twelve Tribes-Exoffsite [Contra] “to help Parents and others affected by the Twelve Tribe’s Cult.” Includes testimonies of ex-members.
  • Twelve Tribes teachings For research only: the cult’s teachings
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