Personal Freedom Outreach (PFO)

Personal Freedom Outreach (PFO) is an Evangelical Christian counter-cult ministry with a focus on aberrant movements and teachers within the Christian church – or those claiming to be.

On its website, PFO describes itself as

a non-profit, non-denominational group with three goals: to educate Christians about the dangers and heretical doctrines of religious cults, to use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach members of those cults and to warn Christians of unbiblical teachings within the church itself. […]

PFO was founded to provide Christians with material to help them know why they believe what they believe. Only then can they fully defend their faith when confronted by a Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon or other cultist.
– Source: About Personal Freedom Outreachoffsite

Founded in 1975 by M. Kurt Goedelman, PFO is well-established and well-accepted within the community of Christian apologists and counter-cult ministers.

The organization sponsors a “biennial national conference on apologetics, worldviews, evangelism, biblical spirituality, disciplines, and discipleship with nationally known experts conducting multiple plenary sessions and workshops.”


  • The Confusing World of Benny Hinnoffsite By G. Richard Fisher. This is a hard-hitting investigation of the controversial preacher.
  • Getting Out and Getting Onoffsite To those who are dealing with the grief process experienced in exciting a cult, PFO offers free of charge and without obligation, a CD by Pastor G. Richard Fisher whose “message will help you, with the aid of God’s Word, to process through the life-shattering sorrow called grief that you are now experiencing.”
  • The Quarterly Journaloffsite A scholarly publication with well-researched articles, along with editorial, news updates and book reviews. The online indexoffsite to the journals include a few full-text articles.


  • Personal Freedom Outreachoffsite Official website. Don’t let the old-fahioned ‘look and feel’ of the site fool you. This ministry has its finger on the pulse of current apologetics- and counter-cult issues.
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