Spiritual War Cries and War Terminology

One of the so-called ‘manifestations‘ practiced by the adherents of certain renewal and revival movements — particularly the Toronto Blessing and similar movements — is the uttering of ‘war cries’ during worship or prayer times.

They claim this is useful in spiritual warfare.

Nowadays it is often accompanied by what adherents believe to be the “Warrior Annointing.”

War themes and war terminology play an important role in the Toronto Blessing Movement.

People often claim to have prophecies, dreams or visions about the American civil war.

For instance, Rick Joyner has prophesied there will be a civil war among Christians – on one side those who go along with what was seen as “the current move of God”, and on the other side those who oppose it.

The movie “Braveheart” was been embraced by many within the Toronto Blessing Movement as illustrative of the spiritual warfare they felt called to.

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