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The terms Nazi and Nazism are

derived from the German for the National Socialist German Worker's Party, the fascist political party founded in 1919 and abolished in 1945. Under Adolf Hitler is seized control of Germany in 1933.

- The Associated Press Stylebook, Perseus Publishing, 2002. Page 172.

The term Neo-Nazism refers to any social, political and/or (quasi) religious movement seeking to revive Nazism or Fascism.

Neo-Nazi groups are racist hate groups that pattern themselves after Hitler's philosophies. Examples include: Aryan Nations, National Alliance



Christian New Religions and the Nazis by Karla Poewe. Description at "Karla Poewe illuminates an important but neglected part of Nazi history: the contribution of new religions to the emergence of Nazi ideology in 1930s Germany. Looking at traditional German occultism as well as the established Church, this book takes new religions founded in the pre-Nazi and Nazi years, especially Jakob Hauer's German Faith Movement, as indicators of how German fascism distilled aspects of religious doctrine into political extremism. It is researched from original documents, including the SS personnel files held in Berlin's Bundesarchiv."

Poewe’s book is dense and difficult, not a word wasted. Its importance lies in its suitability as a lens through which we may view, with great uneasiness, conditions in Europe today. Hitler and Co. didn’t survive World War II, but Hauer and many other neo-pagan leaders and thinkers did. Under new names, using new terminology, their organizations and publishing houses have remained active to this day. In light of recent events, such as the nationwide Muslim riots in France, we observe that there are many elements of the European scene today that, if combined in just the right way, could produce an explosion. [...] “While the constitutions of western liberal democracies preserve the freedom of new religions, I am not sure whether new religions, including New Age and neo-paganism, preserve western liberal democracies. In Weimar [Germany] they did not.”
- Source:
A Review of New Religions and the Nazis Chalcedon Report, Feb. 21, 2006

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