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Bob Waldrep is a Christian apologist, and President of the Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture, a Christian think-tank on cultural trends.

Bob has been engaged in cultural apologetics, with an emphasis on new religious movements, since 1993. Through the years, he has observed and addressed cultural trends that have altered various elements of our society; especially, as pertains to matters of faith and spirituality. In early 2008, he founded the Crosswinds Foundation to be a resource for those individuals and organizations being impacted by new and different emerging cultural trends.

Bob has written numerous articles about cultural and spiritual trends; coauthored, The Truth Behind the Secret, (Harvest House); is a contributor to The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Harvest House) and The Complete Evangelism Guidebook, (Baker Books); and scripted the documentary, The Da Vinci Code Revealed. He has appeared as an expert commentator for print, radio, television and Internet media, locally, nationally and internationally; including appearances on: ABC’s World News Tonight, ABC’s Night Line, MSNBC with Brian Williams; CNN; NHK-TV, Tokyo; USA Today; Time, Newsweek, and Christianity Today.

Bob is a graduate of Jacksonville State University (B.S. in Secondary Eductation, emphasis in social studies and the arts) and Birmingham Theological Seminary (Masters in Religious Education).
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Before he founded Crosswinds Foundation Waldrep worked with Watchman Fellowship and served as that ministry’s Alabama Director for more than eight years.

The Truth Behind the Secretoffsite (co-author)
The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (contributor)
The Complete Evangelism Guidebook (contributor)
The Da Vinci Code Revealed (script)

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