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Christian Brethren / Plymouth Brethren – Research Resources

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  2. Christian Brethren / Plymouth Brethren - Research Resources

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Christian The Bible Archive "A 'Plymouth Brethren' Blog: Because the Bereans can't have all the fun


Christian John Nelson Darby - A Biography by Max S. Weremchuk
Christian Roots, Renewal, and The Brethren by Nathan Delynn Smith
Christian Spiritual Secrets of George Muller Writings of George Muller, edited by Roger Steer


Secular Plymouth Brethrenoffsite Wikipedia entry.

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Äpologetics Index research resource Denominations (Why are there so many different churches?)
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Exclusive Brethren -- an extremist, cult-like offshoot.

Web Sites

Christian Collection of early and contemporary writings by the Brethren.
Christian This site deals with the Exclusive Brethren - from a critical perspective. Its aim is to "host a cyber-community where those who have escaped (or are about to escape) the EB can come to find Help, Friends and a Safe Place." The site has had 'technical issues' since January 2013, and its pages are not index at the Internet Archive.
Christian Plymouth Brethren Large collection of writings by the Brethren
Christian The Voice of the Bridegroom Archive of articles and online books written by the Brethren. (Archived at the Internet Archive)

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