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  • Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church is Now a Cultoffsite By Mark Vrankovich, director of CultWatch. About CultWatchoffsite: “Cultwatch is a para-church organisation made up of people from different Christian denominations. (Para-church means not founded, owned, or controlled by any one church group.) Cultwatch’s two main aims are to help the people trapped in the cults and to warn people about the cult danger before they are ensnared. Cultwatch is a Christian based organisation dedicated to helping people from all walks of life.”
  • Religion, Terror and the End of the Postmodern: Rethinking the Responsesoffsite By Dr. Mike Grimshaw, Department of Religious Studies, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Published in International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Volume 3, Number 1 (January 2006). Includes a segment on Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church.
  • Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church – When Cults Fill the Voidoffsite By Glenn Peoples

    [T]he Christian churches in general need to capture something of why people are getting caught up in Destiny Church in the first place. We need to think hard about why some people are drawn there, and what they see lacking in our own churches. Are we getting a bit shy about our commitment? Are we perhaps a bit too afraid of rocking the boat in this country? Do we perhaps not want to make noise in case people notice these terribly old fashioned things that we believe? For my part, I think the answer lies, not in the glamour and glitz of Brian Tamaki’s empire (he is, after all “the king,” so I guess he sees his domain as an empire or kingdom), but in a more engaging, intellectually rigorous and socially engaged Christianity at home.



  • Destiny Churchoffsite Discussion thread at the Ship of Fools website (regarding that site see comments under ‘See Also’ on this page)



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  • Destiny Churchoffsite Official website. Not recommended. Included for research purposes only.


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