Stephen A. Kent, Ph. D.

Professor Stephen A. Kent researches new and alternative religions, combining perspectives from sociology with religious studies.

Associated with the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta, he teaches teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that explore religion and deviance.

Kent is a cult expert who has written extensively about Scientology, polygamy as practised by Mormon fundamentalists, the Children of God/The Family, and other issues surrounding new and alternative religions.

His writings on Scientology have made him a target for that cult‘s hate-inspired dead agenting practices.

Stephen Kent also exposes academics who are co-opted by new religious movements (e.g. CESNUR‘s J. Gordon Melton). This is one reason why cult apologists like CESNUR’s Massimo Introvigne malign him.

Stephen A. Kent, Ph. D. – Screenshot from a report by CBC News, Canada on Landmark Education

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