Westboro Baptist Church: The Phelps Family

The Phelps family consists of:

  • Pastor Fred Phelps: head of Westboro Baptist Church
  • Marge Phelps, wife of Fred and mother of their 13 children. The children are listed as follows, from oldest to youngest.
  • Fred Phelps Jr., staff lawyer at the Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Mark Phelps, businessman in Southern California, estranged from the family
  • Katherine Phelps-Griffin, law license was indefinitely suspended effective in August 1993 for 30 counts of giving worthless checks
  • Margie Phelps, director of re-entry for the Kansas Department of Corrections and a lawyer
  • Shirley Phelps-Roper, lawyer at Phelps-Chartered
  • Nate Phelps, businessman in Southern California, estranged from family
  • Jonathan Phelps, lawyer at Phelps-Chartered
  • Rebekah Phelps-Davis, lawyer at Phelps-Chartered
  • Elizabeth Phelps, lawyer, no longer in practice
  • Tim Phelps, lawyer and employee of the Shawnee County Jail
  • Dortha Bird (nee Phelps), lawyer practicing independently in Topeka, estranged from family
  • Rachel Phelps, lawyer at Phelps-Chartered
  • Abigail Phelps, works for the Topeka Juvenile Correctional Facility, part of the Juvenile Justice Authority
  • 54 grandchildren
  • Five great-grandchildren

– Source: The Phelps Family, Witchita Eagle, Apr. 2, 2005. Sidebar to Road to Westboro: What led Fred Phelps to his beliefs and actions?

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