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Division is not always a scandal: What to think of the 45,000 denominations that rose from the Reformation. Jennifer Powell McNutt, Christianity Today, December 30, 2016.

Levels of Classification of Faith Groups“This document describes the terms and levels of classification useful in classifying faith groups taxonomically. The basis for this classification is ‘what groups are a subset of what other groups.’ Answering this question results in a branching hierarchy.”

Why so many denominations? Article by Phillip Johnson. Follow-up posts: Sectarianism and Separation and The wrong kind of ‘unity’

With so many denominations and religions, how can I decide which are true and which are false? An excerpt from The Bible Has the Answer, by Henry Morris and Martin Clark


The Complete Guide To Christian Denominations by Ron Rhodes

Handbook of Denominations in the United States by Frank Spencer Mead, Samuel S. Hill, Craig D. Atwood

Books – Online

What People Ask About The Church by Dale A. Robbins. See: Why are there so many different churches?


Courses – Online

Church History This interactive course covers in 3-5 minute units a high level overview of the entire history of the Christian Church. Dr. John Hannah, who has been teaching church history for more than 30 years, leads students through the important marks of church history.

See Also

Finding a Church You Can Love and Loving the Church You’ve Found by by Kevin and Sherry Harney

The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church by Carmen Renee Berry