An Examination of the Eastern Lightning Cult

The Testimony of a House Church Sister

To inflict physical and psychological violence on Christians, the Eastern Lightning needs to entice the believers away from their home church environment. To achieve their goals, several years ago they started kidnapping church leaders. Their diabolic strategy usually involves coaxing the leader to come to another city with the promise of ministry opportunities.
Following is a condensed testimony from a house church sister in northwest China who was kidnapped by the Eastern Lightning recently. It has been adapted from a paper written by the Chinese Christian Church of Saipan (Guam), entitled “China’s Cult of Satan Lightning of the East.”

Although even the condensed testimony is quite lengthy, it is well worth reading to gain an understanding of the incredible evil that our brothers and sisters in the faith are facing in China at the present time. How we wish this was an isolated incident, but unfortunately this sister’s experience is representative of hundreds of others throughout China….

“Nine months before my nightmare commenced, a man came to our house church claiming he wanted to know the true God. Of course, we could not turn him away so we told him the Gospel. He responded warmly and seemed, over the months, to grow in the grace of God and knowledge of His Word. He always asked questions that new believers should ask, was baptized, and gained our confidence. We are still shocked to find that all along this “brother” was a spy sent from the Eastern Lightning to destroy us.

In March 2000 he approached us saying, ‘I’ve just returned from Lanzhou [Gansu Province] where my brother lives. There are hundreds of people there who are in the dark. They have never heard of the way, the truth, or the light. They are as I was before God opened my eyes. I’ve never been trained to preach or teach, so I beg you to please go and speak to them. Bring them out of the darkness! Let them know and understand the truth and fundamentals of the Gospel.’

We could not refuse such a call. We became excited, threw away all caution, and started planning our trip. After all, this was a brother who had been in our church for nine months. He had shown much humility and zeal for God’s Word. As a result, many hearts were touched and four leaders (two men and two women) were sent with him. He played a role in selecting which four should go, saying, “Judging from the abilities of the four of you, the way you work, the quality of your lives and your knowledge of the Word, I believe as you work and pray together you’ll be as powerful as a cannon shot! Your words will ring true, correcting the people’s errors.”

With much sweet talk and flattery he deceived not only us, but the whole church. It was difficult to see through his lies at the time, but looking back, it is still unbelievable that we could be so deceived all along. May the Lord forgive us our stupidity and immaturity! On the scheduled day of our departure the Lord tried to prevent us from going, but due to our inexperience we were unable to discern whether it was from the Lord or the devil. The weather on the morning of our departure was harsh, with strong winds and sandstorms. One of the four fell down the stairs and badly hurt his leg. He could hardly move. The EL spy said, “This is a hindrance from Satan. We should persevere and get on the train, for this incident is proof that a great work will be done there.” When someone suggested we delay our trip by a day he protested strongly, saying, “No! We must go today. If we miss the train, we will take a car.”

When we reached Lanzhou there were three people there to welcome us. Two said they were “brothers from Lanzhou,” while one was “a brother from Xian.” In reality they were deceivers sent by EL to trick us. The man from Xian said, “The Lord gave me a vision that there would be two female disciples coming from the northwest. He showed me they will come to revive the church in Xian.”

On the other hand, the man named Paul from Lanzhou asked one of our brothers, “How many times have you been to Lanzhou?” He replied, “I’ve been here once before, but this is the first time I have come to serve the Lord.” Paul shook his hand, saying, “Brother, this is the fourth time we have met. I have seen you three times before in visions. The Lord told me you really love Him. I have been earnestly praying you would come and teach us God’s Word, and have been patiently waiting for your arrival. The Lord really knows our needs!” With these words of flattery the cult leaders appealed to our pride. The man from Xian then said, “The Lord has brought you here! Are there not four of you? If all four of you good preachers were to stay here in Lanzhou it would be a waste. Why don’t two of you stay here, and the other two follow me back to Xian?” All four of us objected, “We do not put much trust in visions. We’ll pray about it, but our first intention was for all four of us to remain in Lanzhou.” The Xian man answered, “If this is the case, I will respect your decision. Let’s all pray. I believe God will not forsake His flock. I will pray God will change your hearts.”

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