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Tony Kail / Worldview Consulting

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Worldview Consulting, created by Tony Kail, provides law enforcement, health care professionals and public safety agencies with research and training regarding unfamiliar religious groups and practices.

Kail has served as guest lecturer for numerous gang investigative units and law enforcement departments.

He has observed actual ceremonies and rites of passage of occult groups and has conducted interviews with members and clergy of these religions.

His website, at, explains:

Worldview Consulting provides law enforcement, health care professionals and public safety agencies with research and training regarding unfamiliar religious groups and practices.

The organization was created by Tony M. Kail who is an as author as well as trainer for numerous regional, state and federal agencies. Kail has twenty years experience in research, writing and training on deviant religious groups. He is the author of A Cop's Guide to Occult Investigations (2003 Paladin Press), Magico-Religious Groups and Ritualistic Activities: A Guide for First Responders (2008 CRC Press) and his latest book Santa Muerte: Mexico's Mysterious Saint of Death (2010 Lulu Publishing). Kail has experience as a Sheriff's Deputy, Campus Security Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator. He has served as a consultant and lecturer for the F.B.I., United States Capitol Police and United States Army.

Kail has performed a number of research projects among members of various magico-religious communities. He has worked with clergy in several Neo-Pagan communities to establish trans-cultural understanding between faith communities and the criminal justice system. He has documented and observed rituals and ceremonies in several Santeria and Voudon houses throughout the U.S. His research among indigenous healers in East Africa has been used in training forensic professionals on the history and cultural development of African religions in the diaspora.

Kail has published several articles appearing in such journals as Law and Order, Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, Police Quarterly and The Backup. He is a member of the Tennessee Gang Investigators Association and the Tennessee Chapter of the International Association for Identification.

And at

Tony Kail began investigating religious cultures and spiritual folklore among magico-religious groups in 1990. Since then he has interviewed hundreds of practitioners and collected artifacts from around the world. Many of his artifacts and documentaries have been used to train forensic professionals about religious cultures and ritual customs.

He has written for FATE Magazine, Law and Order, Police Quarterly and the Journal of Counterterrorism. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including the History Channel's UFO Hunters.

Kail is founder of 'Safe Spiritual Practices' a humanitarian project dedicated to providing health education programs to indigenous communities of East Africa focusing on ending child exorcisms and violent witch hunts.
- Source: Author info at MuerteBook.infooffsite



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This post was last updated: Jun. 10, 2010