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Appendix: Issues in Recovery

Pages In This Entry:

  1. Recovering From Churches That Abuse -- Online Book
  2. Recovering From Churches That Abuse -- Notice & Disclaimer
  3. Recovering From Churches That Abuse -- Contents
  4. Recovering From Churches That Abuse - Preface & Acknowledgments
  5. Chapter 1: Searching for Freedom
  6. Chapter 2: Is There Light At the End of the Tunnel?
  7. Chapter 3: I'd Like to Really Live, Not Just Survive
  8. Chapter 4: Grace to People Who Know They Need It
  9. Chapter 5: "Next Christmas, We'll Get a Tree"
  10. Chapter 6: A Broken Bone That Heals Is Stronger
  11. Chapter 7: God Took Time to Visit His Lost Child
  12. Chapter 8: Grace Is the Best Thing in the World
  13. Epilogue: Can Churches Change?
  14. Appendix: Issues in Recovery

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Apendix: Issues in Recovery

Many themes and issues have emerged from these stories of people recovering from churches that abuse. These are often more implicit than explicit. Thinking through these issues in the following terms may be helpful to victims of abuse and those who seek to counsel them.





Farewell to Foundry

a poem about leaving j.p.u.s.a.

Hammers falling
louder than words
sword into plowshear
back into sword.
Faith for kindling
fire's stoked
and blacksmiths eat
the chimney smoke.
Iron against spirit
bones against steel
this anvil breaks
more than it heals.
Drench the furnace
forsake this boundary
the mold is smashed
farewell to foundry.

© 1994 by Jace K. Seavers. Used by permission. Seavers was a member of Jesus People USA for nearly ten years and wrote lyrics for REZ band. He wrote this previously unpublished poem in August 1991.

Copyright, Linking

Recovering From Churches That Abuse

The full text of Recovering From Churches That Abuse has been placed online at Apologetics Index by permission from the book’s author, Dr. Ronald M. Enroth.

© Copyright 1992 by Ronald M. Enroth.

We ask that you respect this copyrighted work by linking to it instead of copying and pasting the text without permission.

Purchase Printed Version

While this book is no longer in print, second-hand copies [Hardcover or Paperback] can often still be obtained via booksellers such as

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