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Debate God ( bills itself as “The best of the best when it comes to fair debates about God, religion and faith.”

Throughout history that has been no single topic more passionately debated than the existence of God, as well as the many sub topics related to the existence of God. There is certainly no shortage of information on the Internet related to Christianity, religion, and Atheism, however, finding a site that presents the arguments from a believer and non-believer point of view and in a fair and balanced way, is next to impossible. Until now. is dedicated to providing high quality and fairly conducted debates on God and religion in audio and video formats that have been screened to meet our criteria. We also provide the forum for respectful debate on such issues where you can participate and share your thoughts and beliefs.
– Source: front page, last accessed Wednesday, April 28, 2010 – 6:30 AM CET was registered on Apr. 12, 2010. At the time of this writing it is still under development. It promises to provide a forum, an audio podcast and a database of debaters from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds.

The site was founded by internet entrepeneur Bo Bennet “Bo Bennett ( Bo ), group Administrator, Truth-Seeker” :

I was raised Catholic, attended Sunday school, participated in first communion in 8th grade. From there I became a two timer (church on Easter and Christmas), then a one timer (Christmas only), then eventually just weddings and funerals.

I always had major problems with the Bible from an early age (accepting stories as fact) but never really questioned the existence of God, more specifically the God of the Bible, until recently.

I currently consider myself an “Agnostic”. More specifically, I believe the existence of A god (force, supreme creator, whatever) is possible, though not likely, but I have an extremely hard time believing a personal god, or the God of the Bible that interferes with our daily lives.

I like to consider myself very “open-minded” on the issue and constantly evaluating the arguments from both sides. This passion comes from curiosity to understand WHY so many people believe.

I consider myself a VERY fortunate person with a wonderful life who has no “voids to fill”. I have a wife and children that I love with all my heart and I live each day to its fullest. This “mission” of mine is one of intellectual stimulation rather than spiritual fulfillment.

For more details about my “secular” life, visit

Bennett answers the question “Why did you create this site?” as follows:

This site was created for many reasons.

1) As a way to collect and organize debates for personal consumption,
2) To create a repository of good-quality and fairly conducted debates educating people on both sides of the “God debate”
3) As a tool for gathering information for an upcoming book.
– Source: Frequently Asked Questions, last accessed Wednesday, April 28, 2010 – 6:39 AM CET

Bennett is one of two administrators currently listed. The second administrator is Dave Smith “Dave Smith ( fatherdave ), group Co-Administrator, Christian” :

Martial Arts master, pro boxer, community worker, social justice campaigner, parish priest, author, father of four.

Smith, who lives in Australia, is known as Father Dave. He heads up Fighting Fathers Ministries.

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