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Andrew Cohen

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Andrew Cohen, Evolutionary Enlightenment and EnlightenNext

Andrew Cohen (born 23 October 1955 in New York City) is an American guru, spiritual teacher, magazine editor, author, and musician who has developed what he characterizes as a unique path of spiritual transformation, called Evolutionary Enlightenment.

He sees himself as working in conjunction with others to bring about a new stage of human consciousness and culture. Towards this end, Cohen and his students frequently engage with a variety of spiritual teachers, philosophers, activists, and cultural figures. Many of these encounters, as well as Cohen's writings, are featured in EnlightenNext magazine, which is published quarterly by the international nonprofit organization he founded, EnlightenNext, Inc.
- Source: Wikipediaoffsite Last accessed Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 2:26 PM CET

EnlightenNext was previously known as the Impersonal Enlightenment Fellowship (IEF), from 1999-2005, and Moksha Foundation, 1988-1999.

EnlightenNext is dedicated to catalyzing evolution in consciousness and culture. We strive to be leaders, examples, and pathfinders in the emerging field of integral and evolutionary spirituality, and to stand for the ultimate relevance of spiritual enlightenment in our time.

Founded by spiritual leader and cultural visionary Andrew Cohen in 1988, EnlightenNext is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Based in Lenox, Massachusetts, and with centers in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen, we are a global organization with a network of members spanning twenty countries. Our flagship publication, EnlightenNext magazine, was first published in 1992, and today it is an award-winning quarterly with a readership of 75,000 and editions in English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish. In 2009, we launched the EnlightenNext Discovery Cycle, an ongoing program of events including a month-long retreat and an international conference (forthcoming) that enable individuals to directly participate in both personal and cultural evolution.

EnlightenNext is inspired and guided by the principles of Andrew Cohen’s spiritual teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Connecting individual transformation with a deep sense of responsibility for our collective future, this twenty-first-century spiritual philosophy is the lifeblood of EnlightenNext’s organizational culture and all of its events, programs, and publications.
- Source: About EnlightenNext Last accessed Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 3:45 PM CET




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This post was last updated: Aug. 23, 2010