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  • Scientology: The Ex-Files Former members of the Church give a chilling portrait of life inside the organisation Broadcast report by Four Corners, the investigative journalism program of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Note: The list of background resources at the Four Corners site includes links to material by the Church of Scientology and to information provided by cult apologist Frank Flinn. Buyer beware!

    Reporter Quentin McDermott talks to men and women who were members of an elite unit inside the Church in Australia and the United States. They explain why they joined, how they worked tirelessly for Scientology, and how, in some cases, they were pressured, and pressured others, to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Church.

    Some of them describe the separation from relatives that occurs when they were expelled from the Church. They also describe how they worked long hours, for little pay. Others claim they were pressured into having abortions, because of a policy that forbids the raising of children within the unit. Some of these men and women are now taking the church to court in the United States over claims involving this type of treatment. The Church is contesting the court actions.

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