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Quick Look at Witchcraft





  1. See, for instance, this practitioner of 'Traditional Witchcraft' who makes a distinction between her beliefs and practices versus those of Wiccans.
  2. See, for instance, this discussion of Core Beliefs of Wicca at Beliefnet. Many Wiccans look to a series of basic books on Witchcraft -- some of which are updated from time to time -- for initial guidance in determining their beliefs and practices. Popular authors include Margot Adler, Scott Cunningham, Starhawk, and Doreen Valient. See Classic Pagan Books.
  3. Frequently, such accusations are leveled when a neighbor dies. However, it has also been documented that often accusations are made by those who wish to take possession of a person's land. Note that in many Western countries there have been cases of criminal abuse on the hands of those who claimed they wanted to rid a person of witchcraft, voodoo or demonic influences.
  4. Craig Hawkins defines syncretism as

    The combining or merging and synthesizing of religions or religious beliefs, practices, and philosophies. This results in new or hybrid religions that are composed of diverse elements of the religions from which they were derived.
    - Craig Hawkins, The Modern World of Witchcraft, part 2, glossary Christian Research Journal, Winter/Spring 1990

    Merriam-Webster says eclecticism is

    1: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles
    2: composed of elements drawn from various sources
    - eclectic, an entry in Merriam-Webster Online

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