Rick Alan Ross – Problems with various cult experts

In the past Anton Hein, founder and – together with the Apologetics Index team – co-publisher of Apologetics Index, has referred people to Rick Alan Ross (Rick Ross), and has also defended him against online attacks by his critics. I, Anton, was informed by the same approach my wife and I currently use. That is:

We are Christians and we operate from a mainstream Christian point of view. At the same time, we support freedom of religion in thought and expression. We both strongly believe that people who need help should be helped regardless of who or what they are, what their lifestyle is, what they believe, what they can or can not afford, and whether or not they would be open for the message of the Christian Gospel. While we let people know up-front who and what we are, we also let them know that our help comes with absolutely no strings attached.

This is one reason why we feel comfortable recommending organizations, ministries and individuals involved in cult intervention, education and counseling from a variety of backgrounds, including – but not limited to – secular, Christian and Jewish. (See also our guidelines for selecting a counselor/cult expert)

That said, while Apologetics Index did, until the summer of 2003, include countless links to cut-and-paste news items posted at Rick Ross’ web site, our published list of recommended organizations, ministries and individuals has never included Rick Ross — and never will.

We wish to make it clear that we, the publishers of Apologetics Index, do not endorse Rick Ross nor refer people to him. We are not alone in this standpoint, nor in our criticism of his approach or behavior. For instance, Slam The Door! – a place for survivors of Christian Fellowship Ministries – on its links page included the following comments:

Here is Rick Ross’s lists of articles on CFM. We do not endorse Rick Ross nor do we approve of his tactics towards many legitimate Christian churches and groups.– Source: Slam The Door

That said, our reasons for not endorsing Rick Ross are as follows: