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The Missionary Threat

In 1995, Rick Ross published an 11-page paper titled, "The Missionary Threat." It was an attempt to warn a Jewish audience against what he terms the ‘threat’ from Christian missionaries, including so-called Messianic Jews (Jewish people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and as the promised Messiah.

The paper, noted for its inflamatory language toward Christian/Messianic Jewish ministries, was published by the Institute for First Amendment Studies (IFAS).

IFAS was co-founded by Skipp Porteous.

Skipp Porteous (born 1944) is the founder and president of Sherlock Investigations, Inc., a leading investigative firm in New York City.

Porteous is a former conservative Christian minister and outspoken critic of the Religious Right.He claims that man created God in his own image, and he doesn't like this image.

He has written about his life and experiences in Jesus Doesn't Live Here Any More. In 1984, together with attorney Barbara Simon, Porteous founded the Institute for First Amendment Studies (ceased operating 2001).

The First Amendment to the American Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference, forbidding Congress from establishing any religion or preventing its free exercise. According to the Supreme Court, the Constitution also places a wall of separation between church and state.

Porteous used to campaign vigorously to expose and counter the political activities of the so-called Religious Right. He now works as a private investigator. One of his specialties is researching controversial religious groups and cults.- Skipp Porteous, entry in Wikipedia. Last accessed Jan. 12, 2006

Skipp Porteous is listed as a member of Rick Ross' Advisory Board.

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This post was last updated: Jan. 12, 2006