Unbiblical teachings regarding Mary

Catholics and Protestants differ greatly in their views regarding Mary.

Most Protestants reject the fast majority of Catholic teachings regarding Mary as anything from aberrant to heretical.

Some of the unbiblical teachings relating to the Mary of Catholic Tradition include the following:

  1. Mary’s immaculate conception: This doctrine teaches that she was born without original sin and was, therefore, sinless throughout her life.
  2. Mary’s perpetual virginity: This dogma asserts that she had no children after Jesus.
  3. Mary’s bodily assumption or physical ascension into heaven: This teaches that because of her sinlessness, Mary never experienced physical death. Instead she was raised bodily into the presence of Christ.
  4. Mary’s role as Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of all grace: This doctrine holds that the obedience and sufferings of Mary were essential to secure the full redemption brought by Christ.
  5. Mary’s right to veneration and/or worship: This teaching argues that because of her unparalleled role in the economy of salvation, Mary is worthy of special adoration.

– Source: John Ankerberg and John Weldon, The Facts on Roman Catholicism, Harvest House, Oregon, 1993, p.40; citing “The Catholic Encyclopedia”

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