[Past Event] A Clash of Cultures: Missionaries in the Marketplace of Religions

Birmingham Conference on Biblical Discernment
A Clash of Cultures: Missionaries in the Marketplace of Religions

Sponsored by:

• Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
• Southeastern Bible College
• Watchman Fellowship

Since 1935 Southeastern Bible College has been equipping Christians to serve in the midst of a complicated world and a culture that bombards us with conflicting messages. By combining academic excellence, vigorous scholarship, and spiritual values, SBC has the resources and the focus for your life’s work in the world. With such a rich tradition, EMNR is proud to have Southeastern Bible College as our host and cosponsor with Watchman Fellowship .


February 9-11, 2006


Southeastern Bible College
Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham Conference on Biblical Discernment

Plenary Sessions

  • Formal Education (Academics) Vs Hands-on-Experience (the Trenches): Which Approach and Form of Training is a Better Biblical Model for Apologetics and Evangelism? – Craig Hawkins: President, Apologetic Information Ministry
  • “Cults and Missions in the 21st Century” – Paul Carden: Executive Director, The Centers for Apologetics Research
  • “Fancy Meeting You Here!”– Eastern Spirituality, Occult Metaphysics, and Quackery in 21st Century Medicine and Health Practices” – Janice Lyons: Director, Current Issues in Alternative Medicine
  • In The Beginning . . . God! Has God Revealed Himself In Modern Scientific Discoveries? – Derwin L. Gray: Founder, One Heart at a Time Ministries
  • Nietzsche, the Death of God, and the Emerging Church Movement – Bill Honsberger: Director of M.A. Program in Christian Apologetics, Haven Ministry


General Apologetics – The Church

  • I am of…: The Christian and Emerging Church Movements – Don Veinot Jr.
  • Monster Truck Races, Professional Wrestling, Postmodernism, and other Intellectual Fads: Some Reflections on Methodological Matters Relative to Apologetics and Evangelism Today – Craig Hawkins
  • Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven Life and Church – Evangelicals and the Appeal of the Seeker Approach? – David Clark
  • Human Potential Movements in the Church – Mark Roggeman

General Apologetics – The Culture

  • A Survey of Gay and Lesbian Christianity in America – Joe Paskewich
  • Homosexuality, Intimacy & Sex – Tammi Dixson
  • Preparing Youth to Live in the Market Place of Religions – Pablo Herrera
  • The Gay Christian Movement – Paul Scozzafava
  • Hollywood vs. The Bible: The Old Testament – Rick Dack
  • Hollywood vs. The Bible: The New Testament – Rick Dack
  • Christians and Bible-based Diets: Salt and Light? – Janice Lyons

General Apologetics – Theology

  • Archaeological Apologetics – Scott Matscherz
  • Debunking the Debunkers and Relativizing the Relativizers: A Christian Response to Atheism – Bill Gordon
  • The Triune God, a Transcendental Argument and New Religious Movements – Jeff Downs
  • What’s in a Name? – Keith Gibson


  • Meeting With Muslims – Scott Matscherz

Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses With Their New World Translation of the Bible – James Walker
  • The Resurrection Jehovah’s Witness Style – Joy Veinot

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Mormonism

  • Is Mormonism Christian? Effectively Engaging Mormons with the Gospel of Grace – Derwin Gray
  • Mormons and the Vanishing God-was-once-a-man Doctrine – Joel Groat
  • Perspiration or Expiration? Examining the LDS doctrine of the Atonement – Bill McKeever
  • Undeniably Yes! A Response To Robert Millet’s A Different Jesus? The Christ Of The Latter-Day Saints – Dr. Cky Carrigan and Dr. Tal Davis

New Age Movement/Religions

  • UFOs: The Hidden Agenda Does intelligent life exist on other worlds? – Jay Howard
  • Urantia … The Rest of the Story – Dani Chaffin
  • Scientology Celebrities: War of the Worlds or Peaceful Revolution? – Karen Pressley
  • Scientology-Criminals and Celebrities – Craig Branch
  • Christian and Bible Based Diets — Salt and Light? – Janice Lyons


  • Apologetics and Evangelism with Goddess Worshipper, Neopagans, Wiccans and Witches – Craig Hawkins
  • Eros and Ecstasy – The Revival of Paganism: – Bill Honsberger
  • Occult Deliverance – Jeff Harshbarger

Spiritual Abuse

  • All to Jason, I Surrender – Keith Gibson
  • Greater Grace World Outreach (a.k.a. The Bible Speaks) – David Henke
  • She Hasn’t Gone Away: The Continuing Cultism Of Gwen Shamblin’s Remnant Fellowship – Rafael Martinez

Word-Faith Movement

  • Behind the Smile-A Closer Look at Joel Osteen and Your Best Life Now – Dr. Cky Carrigan
  • Word of Faith and the Atonement – Paul Scozzafava

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