[Past Event] ‘No Other Gods’ Conference

No Other Gods: A Conference on Cults, the Occult and World Religions

The Resource Center for Theological Research organizes, “No Other Gods”: A Conference on Cults, the Occult and World Religions.


July 21-22, 2006


Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Middletown, PA.

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Resource Center for Theological Research presents: No Other Gods

Registration and Details

The conference is open to the public and registration (before June 30) is only $30 and $40 until the registration deadline (July 15). Those who preregister will receive a free CD with all plenary sessions and workshops.

Sessions and Workshops

The conference will include four plenary sessions and over 25 workshops.

The plenary sessions include

  • “Do All Religions Lead to God”, Dr. Winfried Corduan;
  • “Our Triune God: At the Center of Our Worldview”, Dr. R.K. McGregor Wright;
  • “Protecting and Contending: A Pastoral Perspective”, Gene Cook, Jr.
  • “Postmodernism: Religion, Our Culture, and the Truth”, William Honsberger.


Attendees will be able to choose from over 25 workshops, taught by experts in the field of cults, the occult and world religions.

Sessions include

  • “Cosmology: A Preliminary Study of Jewish Rationalism and Mysticism”
  • “No Good Reason To Be An Atheist”
  • “Romancing the Dark: Examining Goth Culture”
  • “Not InDavincible: Dan Brown’s Broken Code Book”
  • “Sharing Your Faith With Muslims”
  • “Prophetic Failure of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society”
  • and many others.

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