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International Cultic Studies Association launches new magazine

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The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) has announced it is launching ICSA Today -- a new glossy magazine to be published three times a year.

ICSA Today

ICSA is the primary network of lay and professional cult experts. The world’s largest secular cult-information organization, it is one of the professional organizations recommended by the publishers of Apologetics Index.

ICSA Today, which will be published three times a year and should have 24 - 48 pages per issue, will include:

• news on groups
• announcements on new books, articles, Web links of note
• news on ICSA member activities
• profiles on people
• personal accounts
• practical articles
• opinion essays
• art work
• poetry
• literary articles
• special reports from correspondents around the world.

Michael Langone will be the chief editor of ICSA Today. Section editors and international correspondents will include Arthur Buchman, Cristina Caparesi, Patricia Cartledge, Raffaella Di Marzio, Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Gillie Jenkinson, Joseph Kelly, Piotr Nowakowski, Diana Pletts, Ann Stamler, and Lois Svoboda.

International Journal of Cultic Studies (IJCS)

The organization says that because ICSA Today will provide such a wide range of information for the entire ICSA community, in 2010 it will be able to sharpen the academic focus of its scholarly journal. The name of the journal will be changed to International Journal of Cultic Studies (IJCS).

IJCS will be multi-lingual with a distinguished academic and professional editorial board. The new co-editors will be Carmen Almendros (Autonomous University of Madrid), Dianne Casoni (University of Montreal), and Rod Dubrow-Marshall (University of Glamorgan in Wales). The publication will initially be annual.

The first issue of IJCS is slated to be published in time for the association's annual conference, which will take place in July.

You can become an ICSA member online, or send a check or Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date, along with your name and contact information to:

PO Box 2265
Bonita Springs, FL 34133

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This post was last updated: Jan. 30, 2015