Landmark Education links updated

One of the challenges of running a web site like Apologetics Index is trying to keep up with link changes.

We do try, of course, but you wouldn’t believe how much work is involved. Every day we learn about discontinued web sites, changed domain names, or articles that have either been removed or were placed in archives accessible only after paying a fee.

If and when you do encounter broken links in Apologetics Index, try this: right-click on the link, copy it, and paste it in the “Way Back Machine” search field. Then click on one of the search results to see an archived version of the original page.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has alerted us, via our contact form, to moved content.

That said, we have just spent some time updating our page of research resources on Landmark Education.

If you are researching Landmark Education and its Landmark Forum we suggest you make a local copy of each resource listed.
– Source: Anton Hein

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