Introducing our newest look…

Welcome to Apologetics Index! If you’ve been here before you know that the look of this page represents the latest face-lift in our 9+ years online.

In order to manage the continued growth of Apologetics Index we have switched to a new publishing and content management system.

While most of the pages published before now will remain online in the old format(s), new entries – as well as certain updated topics – will appear in this new design.

Our mission remains unchanged:

  • Apologetics Index: to provide Christians and non-Christians alike with research resources from a variety of perspectives.
  • Religion News Blog to provide the academic community, reporters, and other religion researchers with up-to-date religion news.
  • to provide resources that can help current and former cult members and their friends and family with resources to help break free from abusive movements and organizations.

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Apologetics Index: Research resources on religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues

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